These Are the U.S. States Where People Live the Longest

Needless to say, living a long, happy life depends largely on your personal lifestyle choices. Everything from what you eat to how much you exercise to the speed at which you walk affects your lifespan in major ways. But according to an extraordinary new assessment by the The US Burden of Disease Collaborators, so does where you live.

The study analyzed 333 causes and 84 risk factors of mortality from 1990 to 2016 to provide the first-ever assessment of patterns of health in America state by state. Fortunately, the overall death rate in the US has declined, going from 745.2 per 100,00 people in 1990 to 578.0 in 2016. The highest life expectancy went to Hawaii, which clocked in at 81.3 years. The lowest went to Mississippi, where the life expectancy was only 74.7 years.

The life expectancy of every state was assessed in order to inform national health priorities for research, clinical care, and policy. But they are also useful to keep in mind, especially if you’re either retired or self-employed and therefore have the freedom to live anywhere you want. So read on to find out which states in America have the highest life expectancies.

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