These James Bond Houses Have a License to Thrill

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Along with dazzling destinations, armed henchmen and the obligatory vodka martini (shaken, not stirred), spectacular homes are an essential ingredient of any Bond film. From futuristic spaceship lairs to magnificent Mediterranean villas, brought together a selection of show-stopping properties that have featured in the films or deserve a part in one.

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The Elrod House, California, USA

The otherworldly Elrod House, designed by architect John Lautner for interior designer Arthur Elrod, appeared in Diamonds are Forever – a Sean Connery classic from 1971 that sees him thrown into the home’s pool after a fight with Blofeld’s henchwomen.

Built in 1968, the luxurious concrete residence with its conical dome is perched on a hillside a mile outside of Palm Springs – the perfect viewpoint to spot approaching Bond villains. With five bedrooms and a separate guest house, there’s ample space to host sophisticated soirees.

Beneath the iconic dome, a dramatic 60-foot circular living room oozes elegance and style, with its black herringbone floor and atmospheric rock formations that come right into the room. Swathes of glass frame sweeping views of the breathtaking valley below.

Adjacent to the main living space sits a state-of-the-art gym, which leads out onto a concrete terrace, flanked by palm trees. We can’t imagine a more idyllic place to work out! Once you finish pumping iron, you can head outside to soak up the view over a vodka martini – or maybe just a strong coffee.

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Dar Bianca as Blofeld’s HQ in Spectre

This ultra-modern mansion in Marrakech looks like the perfect Bond villain’s lair, which is precisely why it featured as Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s desert villa in Spectre. With Daniel Craig as 007 and Christopher Waltz as the head of a criminal organization Spectre, the villa is the setting for the spy’s arrival at his hidden base accompanied by Dr Madeleine Swann, played by Léa Seydoux.

Set in nearly five acres of parkland with views of the Atlas Mountains, the palatial property occupies a rather more hospitable location than the film portrays. For the movie, the modernist house was superimposed into a huge crater called Gara Medouar – the perfect way to hide a mansion in a desert!

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Chateau d’Anet in Thunderball

At the beginning of the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball, Sean Connery as 007 makes a daring pursuit of the Spectre operative Colonel Jacques Bouvar, using a jetpack and his trusty Aston Martin DB5. The chase takes place in and around a sumptuous French castle, which gives us a good insight into the wealth and influence of this global criminal organization.

Steeped in history and built by fine craftsman, the castle is as beautiful today as it has ever been. The spectacular 16th-century Chateau d’Anet in northern France was built by King Henry II for his mistress Diane de Poitiers in 1548.

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Villa Sylva in For Your Eyes Only

The pool and gardens of the luxurious Villa Sylva appeared in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. Roger Moore as 007 is observing the enemy through binoculars before he’s caught by armed henchmen and escorted to meet the boss, Cuban hitman Hector Gonzales. Of course, it’s less than a minute before he’s fought his way out using little more than his MI6 training and a parasol.

On the silver screen, the villa was located in Spain. In reality, however, the property is found on the tranquil east coast of Corfu. You can play at being a Bond villain yourself as the lavish residence is available to rent as a holiday home.

The villa is in a spectacular location with uninterrupted views of the Ionian Sea and the island of Pontikonisi. If you want to make a quick getaway, Corfu Town with its airport and harbor is only 10 minutes away, plus you’ll find myriad restaurants and cafés a stone’s throw away from the property’s front door.



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