Things You Are Absolutely Not Allowed to Do at Disney Parks

Planning a trip to a Disney park is an adventure all its own. Where should you stay? Where should you eat? How can your toddler participate in the fun? After you plan all that out, you should know exactly what you can and can’t do and bring into Disney World and Disneyland.

So leave that drone at home and get familiar with how the happiest place on earth stays so happy!

Don’t try to bring in large backpacks, coolers, or suitcases

Of course you need to carry your water bottle, sunscreen, map, and maybe even an extra pair of Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears, but don’t try to stroll into the parks with an oversize bag. Trust us – you don’t want to lug it around anyway!

Don’t bring an oversize stroller without measuring it first

As of May 1, 2019, strollers should be no wider than 31 inches across, a reduction from the current 36-inch limit. Especially if you need a double stroller for your kids, measure the one you have at home before trying to get it into the park.

Don’t plan on smoking in the parks

Also as of May 1, 2019, Disney will have a brand new no-smoking policy. Disney announced on March 28 that it will remove all smoking areas from both parks; however, there will be designated smoking areas at Disney Springs and at Disney resort hotels.

Don’t wear a costume unless you’re younger than 14 years of age

We know it’s your dream to be a Disney prince or princess, but don’t show up to a park in a costume. That’s a privilege only allowed for those under the age of 14.

Drones and remote controlled toys are not allowed

If you were hoping to fly a drone over Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle for an epic photo op, rethink your plans. Drones, along with other remote controlled toys, are prohibited.

Keep the profanity and offensive behavior out of the parks

These are the happiest places on earth, after all! No one wants to hear you dropping the F-bomb while they’re snapping a family picture with Mickey Mouse.



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