Things Your Flight Attendant Will Never Tell You

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Flight attendants are the holders of many in-flight secrets, most of which they will never disclose to passengers. The seasoned veterans among them have seen it all at 30,000 feet, and even new flight attendants have tales you wouldn’t believe. But what’s no shocker to them might come as a surprise to you.

Read on for just a few of the things your flight attendant will never tell you about what goes on behind the scenes up in the air.

Pilot/flight attendant trysts do happen

Your flight attendant will never tell you this unless it’s anonymously, but with all the time that airline crew spends together in cities far from home, it’s no surprise that romance between flight attendants and pilots – whether just for a night or longer – can bloom.

You can have more snacks

While some flights have an official rule of one snack per passenger, chances are if you ask you will receive. Just put your best attitude forward, of course, and most likely your flight attendant will oblige you with another packet of cookies or pretzels.

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True frequent fliers bring their own pens

Please don’t rely on a flight attendant to be your secretary, with a pen at the ready to help you fill out those arrival forms. More often than not, they’ll just tell you to borrow one from a fellow passenger. Everyone knows that seasoned international travelers bring their own pens.

Passenger – flight attendant relationships aren’t an official no-no

There are many lines of work where employees are forbidden from having romantic entanglements with those they serve. But there’s no official rule about that on most airlines when it comes to flight attendants having personal relationships with passengers – and it happens more often than you might think.

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They’re not afraid to cut you off

Your flight attendants are keeping a close eye on your in-flight alcohol consumption – and they also notice if you’re already buzzed when you board the plane. They’ll cut you off the minute things look like they might get dicey, and they might even start giving you a lighter pour from the liquor cart long before that.

Airline crew members have Mile High stories, too

The Mile High Club isn’t just for passengers. Flight attendants will likely never let you in on the secret that sometimes airline crew members get frisky in-flight, too. Even the cockpit isn’t off-limits when it comes to joining aviation’s most legendary club.



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