13 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making At Home

#2 : Poorly Loading Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers have released so many households from spending hours upon hours in the kitchen after we finish our meals. But are you using yours efficiently? You might want to save on water and electricity by loading yours to the brim, but if you do so, some of your plates, silverware, or glasses may not be reached, so you’ll still end up with not-so-clean dishes.

Put everything in the proper place. cups and glasses should stay on top, upside down. Silverware has a tendency to stick together, so mix them up a bit when you’re loading your fork, knives, and spoons.

Also, remember to clean your dishwasher too. The less you clean it, the less efficiently it’ll function. Use a brand of dishwasher cleaner that can break down lime, rust, calcium, and grease while deodorizing.

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