Tired of the Classic Thanksgiving Dishes? Try These Audacious Alternatives

Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful, express our gratitude, get together with our families and friends and surround ourselves with love and good food. But maybe not so good, especially if we keep making the same old, classic Thanksgiving staple dishes that everyone got tired of.

Since this year’s Thanksgiving is a little bit different than in the previous years because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ll have to celebrate it more privately. With fewer guests to impress and less stress about the Thanksgiving dinner, why not replace the dusty classics with some new and interesting foods this year? Read on to find out some exciting and audacious alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Don’t let the turkey disappoint you…again

It’s no secret that the centerpiece of every Thanksgiving meal is the almighty turkey. But no matter how many times you’ve prepared turkey recipes, it still manages to let you down one way or another. It’s either too dry, too tough, too expensive, or too big to be put inside your oven, and the more you try to cook it, the more frustrated or anxious you become. This might be of help: How Long Will It Take to Thaw Your Turkey?

It doesn’t mean you should completely give up the bird, it is a holiday staple after all, but you should not let it come between you and your Thanksgiving bliss. On that note, Eating Turkey This Thanksgiving? Here’s What You Should Know.

Go for the real American favorite

Rather than struggling with a giant turkey, try the smaller and less expensive version: the chicken. After all, it is America’s all-time favorite meat, with Americans eating more than 85 pounds of poultry every year. More than that, there are numerous healthy and delicious chicken recipes you could concoct in a lot less time than it would take for turkey recipes.

Chicken is also part of these 7 Foods Guaranteed to Help You Combat the Flu. With the cold and flu season upon us, not to mention the coronavirus, you’ll need all the strength you can get.

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