Top 10 Cheapest Airports in the US

2. McCarran International Airport (LAS)

Location: Las Vegas

Average domestic fare: $227.50

If you can’t wait to gamble when you get to Vegas, you won’t have to: McCarran International Airport has 1,300 slot machines throughout for travelers 21 and older.

More than 47.4 million passengers pass through McCarran International Airport annually, served by 31 major airlines. Although it’s the eighth-busiest airport in the nation, the airport ranked third in the nation for mega-airports in the 2017 J.D. Power Airport Satisfaction Ratings.

The odds are definitely in your favor when it comes to leaving with the correct luggage. McCarran International Airport is one of just a dozen airports in the world that tracks checked baggage using radio frequency microchips.

When you check your baggage, your bag will get one of McCarran’s paper luggage tags that contain small copper chips instead of barcodes that can be misread by scanners if wrinkled. It’s improved accuracy from as little as 80 percent to more than 99 percent.

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