Top 10 Cheapest Airports in the US

4. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

Location: Phoenix

Average domestic fare: $327.14

When the city of Phoenix took over ownership of Sky Harbor Airport in 1935, it was nicknamed “The Farm” because of its rural location. Today, the city has grown up around it, leaving Sky Harbor centrally located in the fifth-largest metro area in the U.S.

A mega airport serving more than 43 million passengers a year, it’s one of the top four airports for customer satisfaction in the country, according to the 2017 North America Airport Satisfaction Study.

Each of PHX’s three terminals houses a portion of the Phoenix Airport Museum, where you can view 900 works of art in media ranging from acrylic and oil paintings to metal and ceramic sculptures.

The museum displays are convenient to the SkyTrain platforms in Terminals 3 and 4 and at the East Economy Parking Garages. Get in touch with Phoenix history and culture at the displays, which feature some of the state’s most renowned artists.

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