Want to Save Money? Here Are 16 Effective Ways to Trick Yourself Into Doing It!

Enforce a Waiting Period

Buyers remorse is a very real phenomenon. If you’ve ever felt guilty after purchasing an item, then you probably know you shouldn’t have bought it. In the moment, you might feel like you need that item, only to later realize that you probably should have filed it into the ‘want’ category.

Implementing a waiting period will help you skip over knee-jerk-reaction purchases. The fear of missing out might dictate how you spend your money, but once you surpass that initial urge to buy, it may not return.

This also works when you’re shopping online and noticing those dreaded deal countdowns. Those are specially designed to make you buy stuff due to artificial scarcity. Instead of giving in, ignore those deals. If you still want to buy that item even after the countdown reaches zero, you’ll more than likely find that same item on another website, possibly even at a better price.

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